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Your Leather Care Calendar

Posted on January 19, 2016 by Anita Jackel-Deggan | 0 comments

When you invest in a piece of leather, whether it's a pair of shoes, a handbag, furniture for your home, or your vehicle's interior, you want to make sure that it stays healthy and lasts a long time. Proper care and conditioning of your leather products can only add to the longevity of your investment. As the new owner of a gorgeous leather item, you may be wondering, what the best timeline is for the care of your leather. With this easy timeline you can ensure that your leather lasts for years, if not decades, and looks fabulous the entire time.


Upon Purchase

As soon as you get your leather product home, you may be tempted to show it off, but before you do, be sure you've treated it with a great conditioner and protector to prevent any potential accidents. Before you take that new handbag out to dinner, treat it with Super VII Leather Balsam. This deep conditioner also provides superior protection for your leather. By creating a moisture barrier that protects your leather from spills as well as scratches, Super VII Leather Balsam adds years to the life of your leather as soon as you use it.


Each week, wipe down your leather furniture and car interiors with a soft cloth to remove dust and debris that can cause microscopic scratches and drying of leather. Just like our skin, leather needs regular cleaning to remove the dust, oils, and dirt that can, over time, damage the appearance and health of your leather. Add a dry dusting of your leather to your weekly cleaning regiment to keep it looking its best.


Spot Cleaning Leather Furniture

As trouble arises, take quick action to be sure that leather stays fresh and beautiful. For dry spills, a vacuum or dust cloth can solve the problem with ease. Don't let spills linger on your leather, as it can break down the integrity of your leather and leave stickiness and stains that damage your investment. A lightly damp cloth on stick spills can remove any sugars or other materials that can cause a build up and lead to significant long term damage. An absorbent cloth should be used to remove excess water or moisture from your leather.



Each month, recondition your leather bags and shoes with a high quality leather conditioner to re-moisturize and recondition your leather. Over time, leather loses its moisture and becomes susceptible to cracking, flaking, and peeling. To keep your leather at its peak, use a deep leather conditioner like Super VII Leather Balsam. Made with only the highest quality natural ingredients, Super VII Leather conditioner nourishes your leather to prevent drying and to increase its durability.



Each year you should condition your leather furniture and car interiors with Super VII Leather Balsam to keep it moisturized and looking its best.


With natural jojoba oils and beeswax, there is no finer leather care conditioner than Super VII Leather Balsam. Jojoba oils do more than just give Super VII a wonderful fragrance. Rich, natural jojoba oils restore original colour and lustre to your leather while the beeswax impregnates porous leather to protect and waterproof.


With these simple steps, you can be sure that your new leather investment will last and last for your enjoyment for years to come.


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