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The Benefits of Using Natural Leather Conditioner

Posted on September 25, 2015 by Anita Jackel-Deggan | 0 comments

"I bought that leather handbag over a decade ago, and it’s still one of my favorites. Every time I use it, I get the most compliments! It started looking a little worn near the middle of year two, and I was so worried that I’d have to replace it. Then I found Super VII Leather Balsam. Super VII is an all natural leather conditioner, that works miracles on worn leather. Now my leather looks like new. I’ve started using it on all my leather, and I’m no longer wondering if the leather I invest in will last. I know it will as long as I care for it with a natural leather conditioner like Super VII Leather Balsam."

Does it work?

Perhaps you are wondering why your leather items have been deteriorating, while others seem to have found a magic solution to keeping their leather looking like new. Actually, there is no magic involved. These folks have simply discovered the benefits of a natural deep leather conditioner for their leather products.

When leather ages, much like skin, it dries and becomes brittle.Centuries ago, leather smiths discovered the benefits of using natural oils to keep leather strong and looking new. This isn’t some new sorcery. It’s a centuries old solution to an even older problem. How can I keep my leather in good condition?

Rubbing a natural, quality conditioner on your leather products can easily add years, if not decades to the life of your leather products. Yes, it does work.

Does It Matter?

The next question you are probably asking is, “Does it matter which leather conditioner I use?” The short answer is, YES! Not all leather conditioners are created equally, and as with all other things in life, you get what you pay for.

Harsh chemicals and fragrances can actually damage and weaken leather. Instead of adding to your leather’s lifespan, using products that are not natural can, in fact, rob you of years with your leather goods.Leather care isn’t complicated, but it requires using the correct tools. The most important leather care tool is your leather conditioner.

When using Super VII Leather Balsam, you are guaranteed to add years to the life of you leather. This all natural leather care product is made of beeswax and jojoba oil. It richly conditions and smells amazing too.

Why settle for the bland or irritating scents of other lesser leather conditioners, when you can use a natural product that smells great and works even better?

Conditioning your leather increases your comfort by increasing the durability of your leather boots, jackets, and other products. It also serves to protect your investment. Economically speaking, why invest in something and not take proper care of it? We wouldn’t do that with a car or jewelry, so should we neglect our leather goods?

Leather Conditioner vs. Leather Soap

Using a leather conditioner is not the same as using a soap or cleaner. Ordinary leather cleaners, while removing dirt from your leather goods, can actually weaken them. The harsh soaps can remove the moisture that keeps leather looking good.

We recommend using a slightly damp cloth to clean any hard to remove spots. If necessary, run the cloth over a bit of mild moisturizing face soap and gently wipe it over the spot. When dry, be sure to moisturize with Super VII Leather Balsam.  

Using Super VII Leather Balsam

Super VII Leather Balsam is more than just a leather conditioner. By simply applying a sparing portion of the leather balsam to the item and then working it into the leather with the sponge provided, you will immediately begin to see new life come into your old, favourite leather items.

What’s more, you can use this on new items to prevent age and dirt from ruining your precious leather investments.

Super VII Leather Balsam works on car interiors, leather furniture, leather footwear, handbags, coats, riding tack & saddles, clothing, sports equipment, and many other fine leather products.

If you are looking for an all natural product to protect or restore your leather, there is no better product on the market than Super VII Leather Balsam. It actually restores leather to its original colour. Do you have a great pair of leather shoes that have been worn and scuffed, a leather coat that is greying, or even a couch that is losing some of its lustre? Super VII can help get rid of the scuffs and get your leather back to looking new again. Whatever colour, if it’s a smooth leather item, Super VII Leather Balsam will restore it to its original beauty.


Indian Summer Leather Design produces fine leather purses and bags for individuals who love practical and versatile designs. We provide a vast array of stunning leather bags, as well as being the only distributor in the US and Canada. Super VII Leather Balsam is made in Germany, and Indian Summer Leather imports the leather conditioner directly from the manufacturer. For more information about proper leather care, or to purchase Super VII Leather Balsam, visit our online store or email: anita@indiansummerleather.com

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