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The benefits of Jojoba Oil in a leather conditioner

Posted on October 23, 2015 by Anita Jackel-Deggan | 0 comments

Just like your skin, leather has pores and fibers that must breath and remain moisturized. However, unlike your skin, leather no longer has the ability to protect and replenish itself. This is why it is so important to regularly protect, and condition your leather goods with the right leather conditioner. If you fail to protect your leather, or use the wrong products, your leather will dry out and crack.

Also, using non-porous finishes on leather isn’t a good idea. This is because leather needs to breathe and be able to release moisture. Protecting leather while allowing it to breathe will keep it soft and strong for years to come. By using a leather conditioner with jojoba oil, you are extending the life of your leather goods with a product that is similar to skin’s natural protection.

When leather gets “broken-in” it can develop a beautiful finish, and remain soft and supple if cared for properly. When caring for your leather goods, think of how you care for your skin. If your skin gets dry, you moisturize it, right? As you’ve probably noticed, some moisturizers can dry out your skin even more when they wear off. The same can be true for leather conditioners.


More benefits of Jojoba Oil for leather care

As our skin rubs against our leather, the oils produced by our skin are transferred to the leather. These oils naturally darken and protect leather goods. Some leather items like leather bags, wallets and leather furniture come into contact with our skin often, but not in a uniform matter. Other leather products, like shoes & leather car interiors could use a little extra help.

Jojoba oil is very close to the natural sebum our skin produces. Therefore, it is important to find a leather conditioner with Jojoba oil like Super VII Leather Balsam to condition your leather goods. Many leather conditioners may contain oils that have chemical additives. With as much as your skin comes into contact with your leather, you want to be sure you are using an all-natural leather conditioner. Jojoba Oil is a natural option for conditioning your leather shoes, wallets, bags, furniture, baseball gloves, etc. without chemicals.


One upside of using leather conditioners that contain Jojoba Oil is that Jojoba has a non-staining quality.  For instance, if Super VII Leather Balsam rubs off on clothing, the balsam will not stain and will come out easily in the laundry.

 Another benefit of using Super VII Leather Balsam with Jojoba Oil, it does not go rancid, nor will it dry out in the jar.  So when using Super VII Leather Balsam there is no need to worry about leather goods developing an off smell or getting sticky, which can happen with other oils.


The best product to protect your leather is Super VII Leather Balsam


Super VII not only contains Jojoba Oil to condition, but it also contains all natural beeswax to protect and waterproof your leather. 

Stay tuned for our next blog to find out more about the benefits of using products with all-natural beeswax on your leather!


Have you used Super VII Leather Balsam to condition and protect your leather goods?  If so, let us know how you liked it!  If not, try it today!  We promise you will love it.  Order here:  http://www.indiansummerleather.com/products/super-vii-leather-balsam


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